Friday, May 17, 2013

Very belated! Very scattered!! post of a wonderful Christmas in the UK with the delightful Jones :)

We liked finding small spaces to bunker down in together....Ev misses u alot Miss Stella!! She talks to you regularly on her phone though xox (I'm sure Aunty Anita and Uncle Tom are enjoying having their bathrooms safe from these two though!

Fairytale land Netherlands
Rainforest cafe lunch

Check out the anniversary sundae

Picadilly Circus..with obligatory double decker bus :)

Scary Dinosaurs invading Harewood row

Lovely Canal Walk to the funky Engineer pub

The Horniman museum

Concentrating for the world championship moshi monster puzzle off

We miss u Aunty Kaci...

Train to brighton

Brighton pier

Brighton beach

A gew Gangnan style shots...

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opening presents

Army themed birthday fun

Big ben

The birthday pizza

Super Birthday Sundae construction

The human sundae

Jamie's atGatwick

An Ev christmas tree self decorated for landing back home

The Dorset tree

A very festive orchard shot...

Christmas eve

Christmas - an absolutely gorgeous and lovely day celebrating Christ's birth!

Top Trumps....(now spreading its way though Australia)...

NYE 2012

Watching the Countdown

New Years day walk - much less 'exciting' than our boxing day one :)...delightful!

River Cottage canteen lunch...we may have driven around axminster after a car that may have contained Hugh.....

E and Mum super excited 2 be at River Cottage HQ :)

A lovely shot by E at RC HQ

Enjoying Dutch farm life

National Gallery
24 hrs of tv - bliss for some :)

The gorgeous london tree

obligatory red phone box family shot

Squirrel ecounter at regent's park

Skyping Oma and Opa(and baby chickens)

Winter wonderland at Hyde Park

Very much enjoyed Dodgem cars!

Enjoying  our tube ride to the army museum

Ev's bday

which included changing of the Guard at BP

Teppankyaki Lunch including an onion volcano

Bird's nest

lovely Dorset days

Fake snow sledding

Dave's Unique style....