Sunday, October 14, 2012

Recent Celebrations - Dad's Bday and Ev's party

Watching videos on Daddy's phone
 We'd all been a bit unwell so Dad's bday was less exciting than hoped, we had a picnic at home rather than out near the water as planned...

Daddy's cake

I drew Daddy spearfishing, with some help from Oma and Opa's fish stickers they sent Dad :)

Ev running riot with her 2 Yr old posse at her party

Ev, Will and Milly spent quite a while just running with streamers and yelling....

'Nay' (who we were very excited to have around for the party, and Cousin Bubba James

Ev spent much of the weeks leading up saying 'Me Party, Me cake, Pooh bear Cake, me party' and listing the people coming. (Ev has a slight obession with her cousin Milly's 'Pooh bear Nappies' we often have tears at the change table as she has her woolworths nappies, funnily enough milly likes them as they have a lion on them.....

Pooh bear cake

Family :)

Cutting the cake

Cuddles with 'raran'

The boys

Party Girls
after the party when in her cot going to bed Ev stood up and said 'More party me' She seems to quite enjoy celebrating :) Wish u all could have been there!!