Thursday, August 30, 2012

blue skies for the end of winter

 North Head
 Shelly beach
At the "magic bus park"


I fell out of this tree & landed with my face in the sand. I was ok

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

whale at the beach

 We have been house sitting at "the big house" in linfield. . It is always a nice change. Dad & I went for a walk on the 2 creeks track, just down the road. While I like the natural environment the highlights for me were finding a stamp & back amoung the houses the "giant pineapple" trees!

Mum told us there was a whale washed up on the beach so we had a pyjama ride & went to have a look. Unfortunately Dad's pictures were not so good (it was night time) as you can see below (the reflection of the moon is there!)

This one came out a bit better of me & the moon!
 Here is what the whale looked like (in the day time). We saw it when the tide was really high & the waves were pushing it & rolling it over. Its large fin would slap against the water sometimes because of the waves. It smelt funny. It was a bit sad & with the big waves & darkness I wanted to go home. But I did have a good time & fell asleep in the car.