Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dad took Evie & I to Brighton Le Sands at the start of the school holidays. We got to see soldier crabs & pippies & Evie was pretty excited about chasing the birds. In the playground she demonstrated feats of strength.  I was at the top of the climbing pyramid of course...
One of Evie's favourite videos at the moment is one that was filmed & made by a friends brother from the US who wanted to spend a day out snorkling and watching some spearfishing, it was followed by a lovely BBQ. This is a longish clip & the start is fishing focused...

Some more holiday pictures to come...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Party Time! 4th Birthday animal party...

Party Time! Cuddles with cousins
Cake chaos

Spiderman visits, Ev thought he was very amusing
Matching owl hats
Some angry bird decorations
Ready for an animal hunt safari...
The 'octopus' or 'only lonely monster' Pinata Daddy & I made
oops more cake...with sparkler 4

Ev also found Daddy's pinata hat amusing
Post party hanging with Cousins & Cousins of cousins
the Birthday kids & siblings post pary
The birthday kids and siblings pre party
I had a ball!! Mummy & Daddy met lots of preschool parents, and Aunty, Mummy and Granny are still recovering :) just joking it was a great celebration with lots of friends and family - wish u all could have been there!