Monday, February 20, 2012

Some snaps from Summer with Perth and Brisbane(so very nearly Thailand) Cousins in Brisbane

Tha Killows car in front en route from Katoomba to brisbane at 5am :)
Out of the car YAY!!

A spot of computer time

Leanna & I made a home out of umbrellas
Hannah was very patient with us littlies - we had a GREAT time playing with her
Spa fun!

Some Painting with the girls went a bit off target...well redirected to a new target - ourselves, unfortunately some was oil paint so removal took a little more effort than usual....

Wet Trampolining

Making a Welcome home Banner for Lali - I was sooooo excited that he was coming back!!
The finished product..

Some communal Buzz playing (I still like to revel in my Hippo Splat victory)

More Spa fun - including Marco Polo!

Fun on the 'James Swing'
A bit of rocking out to some music

Some afternoon card games 500 - Uncle & Niece V Uncle & Nephew

Uno team strategy...
and amusement

An indoor picnic...Shalese very helpfully allowing Ev to join the water tea party

Ev having a bit of quality time with Nathan
Our final dinner all together

Relaxing the final evening - round 2 of 500

A photo with the soon to be Thailand Bosmas, if Mum can work out the self timer..

I am learning to use the keyboard so I havewritten some things for you all 'ddbiehawm I miss you and1234b5e678 Brisbane Bosmas, How's your angry bird going Lali? I miss you killows' Elijah

THANKYOU all for a wonderful, if somewhat more eventful than intended, time! We Miss u all muchly and hope we can do it again sometime in the not tooooo distant future!! Praying 4 u all(& for those who we didnt get to see too!!)xoxoxoxox

Katoomba with killows and Perth with Oma, Opa, Omi & Killows to come....