Friday, September 30, 2011

Recent Happenings

The Brisbane Bosmas came 2 visit, Evie & I had a ball with them!!!!!!!!!!!
Evie checking out Shalese

Evie checking out Leanna
High Five with Uncle Pete
Peekaboo with Nathan
Playing in the park
Hanging with Josh, (He is my ultimate big person at the moment, when I can't do something I say I'll be able to when I am as big as Josh. I am also fairly convinced Josh can do anything, in my eye's he has unlimited strength :) ....)
Under the bridge fishing with Dad, maybe trying 2 get all the squidgie lures to play with

Josh's homemade fishing rod

Evie admiring her cousins
Beautiful Shalese enjoying the fishing

Chilling at Balmoral while Dad looks 4 lobsters

Walking Ulot, our friend Lisa's dog....

Car Karaoke..Practising my crawl
No I'm not going to sleep...

Good morning....
There will be some holiday snaps to follow.....