Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Lovely Mid Winter Weekend in June

Hanging out in Hollis Park Newtown after Elijah's french class, Dad & Evie looking cool in the winter sun...
Rocker Chic
Actually....maybe I'm not so rocker.....
Actually I'm much more of a sweet little cherub than Rocker Chick at the moment

I'm all for channelling my inner rock child though...With my partner in Rock Style Oscar ("From French Class, not that lives with Elke & Gareth" is how I differentiate between my 2 friends named Oscar)
A somewhat delightful rest of the day at one of mum's school friend's 30th party - Not too shabby venue!! (actually in a retuirement village - mum & her friends discussed the possibilites of a mass early retirement here :) ......)
Hanging with Jen
Then Sunday - Ev's first ever mouthful of food.....Looks like a pro!
Ev's reaction to her 1st mouthful of apple today - she seems to be quite the little foodie already

& Loving my new Tshirt this afternoon- Thomas & Red my ABSOLUTE favorite colour! had 2 put it straight on just 2 check it fit :) THANKS SOOOO much Oma & Opa!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Decorating lion cookies & Lying about

just a couple of pics as mum is WAAAAAAY behind on blogging, there are still ones from my party - only 2 months late!!

I have been with Mum to look at a preschool probably for next year, I am Very excited!!!
Ev has started 'chatting' mum tried to put up a video but it isnt working at the moment :( She is also very social & knows what she wants, she is very good at rolling about & loves sitting up in her high chair or with Mum's help. She ADORES me & also really enjoys hanging out with her cousin Amelia who is 11 months & they both get very excited when they see eachother - a delight for us all.