Monday, April 25, 2011

'Uncle Pete & Aunty Leila'

Uncle Pete & Aunty Leila are long time friends of Mum & Dad, & My pseudo God parents ( as we r in a baptist church we dont have god parents per se but they are my equivilant, Godly, lovely, delightful Christian friends) I got to go with dad 2 pick them up from the airport on Sunday night & they came around for dinner last night - I get VERY excited when they come around!!! & LOVE playing with them! Thankyou for a delightful time guys!!
PS Any of you who are at all into food should check out leila's blog :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New camera :)

So Mum is very excited about the new camera & thought she'd share some shots from Day 1 with the new camera :)..... There is another post being composed about things like birthdays that have just been - also very excited ( I'm 3 WOW!!) but mum has gotten carried away with 2days shots they will follow... None of fish yet though Opa...though Dad did catch some this evening so they may follow...

Ev was a little dubious at times...

but showed off some nice morning smilesMum & Me trying out the camera together
Helpfully looking after the lens cap

Check out my handsome Dad!!Delighting in the sunny backyard

Zeek & I helping Dad get ready 4 his dive...
Ev enjoying the sun ( & her finger)
Rumbling on the deck

Smiles just before bed

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This & that.....birthday celebrations mostly...

Easter Eggs!!!!!!!!

Hanging at the 'Big house' ( a house we house sit at) with Oscar
Thomas Trains - a special family outing with unlimited rides from Granny!! :)
Hanging with Zeek at 'the big house'
Chasing bubbles at Charlotte's birthday Picnic - 9 days after my bday.

Cutting food for dinner with my awesome neew fancy chopping knife(impossible to cut myself with) from Aunty 'cole & Uncle Nathan
My Awesome captain Barnacle's outfit Thanks 2 My Awesome Aunty Anita(hat) & Aunty 'Cole ( Shirt
Cutting Mum & My combined birthday cake on my birthday - it was an Adriano Zumbo V8 cake - google it to find out more about its amazing goodness :)
The Gup, Branacle Bear & Peso bikkies Mum Made 4 my bday, annother octonauts shirt thanks 2 Aunty 'Cole
Another of my FAVORITE presents - a guitar, sorry a UKULELE from Granny & I also got the wiggles new aptly named Ukulele baby dvd

Playing sleeps with Charlotte, note what i decided i needed to snuggle on my birthday
A GORGEOUS shot from Daph-a-dills photography - from my friend Jaz's party - dont i make an awsomely cute monster!! (Jaz is the daughter of Daph from Daph-a-dills photography & we used 2 go 2 church together at Mt Druitt - look for her on facebook, she takes really devine kids photos - very reasonable price :) - a shameless plug 4 the lovely Daph!)

Hope u all have a blessed at joyful Easter remembering Christ's death & risen life!! xoxox & a massive thankyou to you all for my birthday gifts & wishes!!! I LOVED them!! theres a photo to follow of my great enjoyment of the gift from Oma & Opa, but is stuck on mums phone til we return from housesitting....