Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Few Lovely Visitors

We had the delightful Tamara, Daddy's cousin as well as my dearly loved Uncle Pete & Aunty Rachael round yesterday, in fact Uncle Pete & Aunty Rachael are on their way round again now - I got to have my bath early & drive around to get them in my PJ's - what an adventure! - I reminisced with dad about going out in my PJs with Opa whe we visited last - that was on a Kangaroo hunt, not an Uncle Pete, Aunty Rachael hunt though.... I have loved catching up with them all(as have Mum & Dad!!) - though I was a little dissappointed that the kids couldn't visit too.
It was also a delight to introduce Miss Evie to them - though she was a wee bit tired so not in her usual charmingly happy mood, a little more on the subdued side.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Here I am cooking pancakes with daddy 4 Mumm's birthday - Evie & I conferred, we decided we should give mum a sleep in - I got up after 7 & Evie after 8... meant daddy was running a bit late though....Here I am playing with 'Sanjib' (Mummy still isnt sure if its Sanjib, Sanjeet or something similar, she needs to ask his mum 2 write it down for us) we are playing Cricket - our Dad's like discusing the world cup so we thought we'd have a play -Sanjib lives in the unit above us & his family is Bangladeshi - we LOVE playing with eachother running about & being rowdy boys....
Here i demonstrate my climbing obsession - & my playmate Esther from church, shes lives around the corner and also has a baby sister about 2 months older than Evie...
Here's Evie & our cousin Amelia...I really enjoy singing & dancing for them! May favorite song currently is "I am captain Barnacle" = which is repeated over & over with dance moves...which leads me to my families names...I have renamed them all - I have twice renamed myself first a few months ago Steve for a few days, then Sharelle for a week or so, the last few weeks though I have been Captain Barnacle( for those who do not have the pleasure of watching the Octonauts he is a polar bear captain of a little band of underwater adventurers) Mummy is 'Mummy Peso' and Evie is 'Baby Peso', they get to share the role of the penguin medic on the aforementioned show, & daddy is Kwazii the ex pirate cat on the same. Granny gets to be Professor Inkling - the studious cuttlefish(a step up from grubby the grub in dirtgirl world from a few weeks ago)
Granny AKA Proffessor Inkling took me to the Opera house Baby Proms last friday, we got 2 sing, dance & bang on some drums after - I still remember some of the dances & had a great time! Evie & mum came and met us afterwards - Evie had her first train trip & wander around the city.
This is Evie showing off her new rolling on2 side skill
& looking sweet as ever
Here I show you the last few of my friends for this post - I renamed these books Josh & Nathan,
& these two Shalese & Leanna.....I spent the day playing with my cousin/friends chatting away to them and taking all sorts of places.
I've also been very much enjoying my friends at french class & Soccer, Im a very social little boy at the moment!