Wednesday, January 19, 2011

poo & gas & hanging with dad

Well mum & dad seem to be over talking about Evie drinking
but now can't stop talking about Evie's gas & poo, I don't really get why its so interesting??

I still get really excited to see "my baby sister" & want to help out when she's crying

Meanwhile I have been able to spend more time with Dad while he is still on holidays we have been to the park heaps, & the shops, done lots of washing & watched a fair bit of cricket, which is pretty dull until Dad gets all excited & I join in (though I'm not really sure why or whats really happen?). But sometimes I pick what we watch!

We checked out a local water play park the other day,

& visited the zoo again with our annual pass

I have also been to a couple of birthday parties, & one of them had a jumping castle woo hoo!

I was snorkling this afternoon & caught a croc & an eel! Take a look...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy 2011! I have been thoroughly enjoying the new year with Evie, I am still a very big fan & love kissing her & holding her, & helping out however i can with her. (which is a delight for Mum & dad!!) I have been doing loads of things with Dad which has been great, dad has been working very hard around the house while Mum & Evie try & rest & get feeding under control.
A little morning stretch... Evie is a very good sleeper & has to be woken for most feeds, & happily sleeps very well at night - Prasie God!

Here I was hanging out with Dad & Evie watching some TV & doing a little dancing along.