Monday, December 26, 2011

Birthday girl Part 2: Perth

It was exciting to celebrate Evie's birthday in Perth. Although she does not seem to quite get it yet, being more excited about the watermelon then the cake...

And the sparklers did not empress her at all.

Uncle Wim's presence was very special as Evie shares her birthday, & hair colour (well once upon a time anyway) with him.

Hanging with cousin Ali

With the Killows (minus Gordon)

One of Evies new presents... very popular

Happy Birthday Evie (again) we love you & pray that God may continue to look after you for the years to come

Traveling to Perth for Christmas

I am now somewhat of a veteran of air travel but I like through inspection of the aircraftEvie had a much different approach to entertainment on the plane than I did & fortunately for Mum & Dad had a good sleep in the bassinet
I sat pretty much like this for about.... ah 4 hours maybe!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Recent happenings of note

Someone had their 1st Birthday party.....

& look what she learnt to do on the day....
I had my 1st montessori white christmas concert, I sang jingle bells and away in a manger, and there was decorations including a nativity scene, and santa handed out adult size stockings of cadbury chocolates.....Dad unbeknownst to me has eaten a few but I surprised mum with a comprehensive list of all my chocolates that I have in the cupboard...sometimes not so great for Mum & Dad that I have a memory like s steel trap....
Aunty Irene and Uncle Gordon came to visit & Met Ev for the first time....she cried when they left so they must have made a good impression as Aunty & Uncle :)

Ev has discovered she can climb onto my bed, so can join the 3'big kids' up there playing now - though mostly Sharlie & I close my door when they are here & the little girls r left to play in the lounge, so we can play big kid games....
But occaisionaly Ev & Millie get some playtime - admittedly Sharlie & I were in the bath getting ready 4 bed when Millie & Sharlie came for the arvo/evening last saturday
I have been making my way through bible verses, stories and activities for Christmas with my advent calander - here I'm studiously making a gingerbread house - was rather impressive.
My 1st ever Ballet concert! Mum said I did fabulously and Aunty 'Cole said Dad was beaming with pride as I danced :) I have really LOVED my dance lessons and would like to do some more, but will again probably do some ballet & some soccer next year I think....(hopefully some vids to follow, computer not agreeing with them at the moment...)
Here's Me & dad being monsters with my gingerbread house...
Our block of flats had a Christmas BBQ last night, Daddy organised it all & we had a great time, here's my mate Sajid, sadly he is moving next march - I will miss him alot!!

Preschool had an incurision today (after 2 false starts due to rain) We had pony rides and farm animals, I loved the pony ride, I decided I'd like to race horses when I'm older, Mum said I will probably not have a jockeys stature given neither mum or dad are petite, so we discussed other horse riding careers, I have chosen polo.

Friday, November 25, 2011


The view from our holiday house in Forster was a full beach view, we had a great time, the weather wasn't brilliant but we still had fun...Quite a bit of relaxing was done....

Look what Ev learned to do in Forster
Dad cooked a very impressive deconstructed Salad, inspired by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's cooked lettuce creation...

Ninja boy......

a somewhat zoomed shot from out our window whilst Dad & I play on the beach
mmmmmmm Chocolate cake.....

Hard at work playing chess, well a form of checkers anyway...This cafe was in a boatshed & we could see the fish under our feet
Just thinking about all those fish under my feet :)Yummy pasta

Finally some success after no luck getting to go for a dive, I got to get some of those fish under my feet at the cafe:)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Recent Happenings

The Brisbane Bosmas came 2 visit, Evie & I had a ball with them!!!!!!!!!!!
Evie checking out Shalese

Evie checking out Leanna
High Five with Uncle Pete
Peekaboo with Nathan
Playing in the park
Hanging with Josh, (He is my ultimate big person at the moment, when I can't do something I say I'll be able to when I am as big as Josh. I am also fairly convinced Josh can do anything, in my eye's he has unlimited strength :) ....)
Under the bridge fishing with Dad, maybe trying 2 get all the squidgie lures to play with

Josh's homemade fishing rod

Evie admiring her cousins
Beautiful Shalese enjoying the fishing

Chilling at Balmoral while Dad looks 4 lobsters

Walking Ulot, our friend Lisa's dog....

Car Karaoke..Practising my crawl
No I'm not going to sleep...

Good morning....
There will be some holiday snaps to follow.....