Thursday, December 23, 2010

Welcome My baby - Evie Anouk

I am very excited that my little baby sister has been born, I had been telling her 'Hurry up and come out' and now she is here, I very proudly show everyone my baby. I love giving her kisses & snuggles & helping Mum & Dad look after her.
Here I am 'swimming' at the hospital - Evie gave me some goggles when she was born, I was very impressed as my cousin nathan has 'bleu' goggles & mine are are 'bleu' & green.
Proud Daddy & Brother

More Kisses for My Baby Evie

Daddy abotu to give Evie her 1st bath

A true water lover like her Daddy (& mum & brother) absolutely loved the bath, completely chilled out

Snuggling Dad

Hanging with Dad & Big brother

Chilling with Mum on our balcony

Evie is very chilled but very alert too we are all very thankful for this lovely girl. She is a great sleeper, struggling a bit with feeding but drinking well from a bottle.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wiggly Concert

I was front & centre dancing up a storm at the Dorothy, Wags & Captain Feathersword show... I regularly like to pretend to be one of the wiggles or their affiliates. Mum apologises for he lack of video quality, was a little hard 2 film from behind the wall of parents, I snuck in past all the parents & made my way down front when we arrived....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brisbane Bosmas Back again :)

Delighfully the Brisbane Bosmas are in sydney again Yay!! I have been having sooooooo much fun with them While Uncle Pete & Aunty Rach had part of their candidates course on Thursday & Friday Mum, Dad & I got 2 hang with the kids - such a delight. We spent Thurs at Manly & Fri at 'the big house' a house we house sat a few weeks back with Providenntially they wanted us to housesit this weekend! Praise God plenty of room 2 enjoy & a pool. Today we also had a Bosma Christmas lunch seeing as we dont really get 2 ever have Christmas with Dad's side of the family.

Enjoying Manly harbour beach

Surfin with the girls

Piggy backs all round...

Then a bit of double piggy back action

Manly oceanworld touch pool - we tried hard to catch the fish in here - espeically Dad :) & enjoyed playing with the sea slugs, shark eggs etc - our second aquarium together in the last few months.


GRRRRRRR we can be scary too!

Another swim before going.....we went through a few outfits today

Swimming at the big house - we all had speedo tops on - we were pretty chuffed.

Making Christmas cupcakes with the girls - part of my advent calender of activities i have been doing, we baked & decorated today as well as watching Colin's king of Christmas DVD.

The finished products

Todays CHristmas celebration - Aunty rach took more pics that hopefully she will share of lunch, I was very helpful in asking if people needed help opening presents, i am very gifted in that area :).... Josh & Nathan very generously bought us all gifts from their own pocket money on top of the family gifts - a lovely spirit of generoosity at Christmas we thought!

After Lunch & a swim we also made some Christmas decorations together
What a delightful time it has been & truly delightful seeing my cousins again & sharing in the joy of Jesus Birthday with them!