Thursday, October 7, 2010

My first fish!

Daddy took me down the mightly (dirty) cooks river, just near our house, for a quick fishing adventure. I was excited because last time we almost landed a BIG eel (it snapped the fishing line). I really like finding the worms that we use for the bait...

And after not long at all we landed a great fish (at first I thought it was be a bream or snapper because Dad has been teaching me to find these at the Burwood fish shop) but Dad said it was a Luderick... I didn't really want to touch it as it was flipping about & looked a bit tricky to hold... It was about 30cm long. Daddy was also excited & some other people came over & thought it was pretty amazing!

I really wanted to take it home to eat, but Dad said it might be a bit dirty & we should ring the fisheries & check for next time

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Brisbane trip :) Thankyou Brisbane Bosmas!! here are a few more from us Thankyou again we had a BALL!!

Going to the Creek
Nathan helping me at the Creek
Jb in the tree
Nathan & I down by the Creek

Making a Dam

Leanna's catch

Leanna Baiting up my fishing rod
Helping Uncle Peter
Ready to dive in - not that they quite did, was rather cold...
Enjoying the pool despite the cold

Josh did jump in though...
Fishing for Josh in the pool
I LOVED fishing for Josh!!

Making Pizzas

Eating our Pizzas we had made
Ice creams at the beach mmmmmmm - a bit of a food theme here :)Feeding the ducks with Nathan & JB on our special boys(& mum) day when Uncle Peter, Aunty rach & the girls went to the OMF conference

Brother Vs Brother WII with the next generation Brothers watching on

Just about the best park Ive seen with Sand, play equipment, Water to play in & much more...fantastic except sadly Shalese cut her foot which was not so good :(

Just like with the Killows Dad climbed the big spider web thing with Uncle Peter

For those who say Mum doesnt put any pics in of herself :)
Uncle Peter & Aunty Rachael & a lovely rainbow

Indoor Picnic
Making stuff at the Library...

The sparkle ribbon Aunty Rachael made us proved lots of fun in the Art Gallery
I insisted Mum put this photo in - DINOSAURS!!!!! yay!!!!

Making Popcorn with Aunty Rachael


watching JB play WII - very cosily!

Enjoying the surf with dad & the Boys..

Leanna enjoying the Beach at the Gold Coast

Collecting shells with Uncle Peter

Uncle Peter & Aunty Rachael enjoying the beach

Strolling around Curumbim in my new favorite shirt from Aunty rachael with My 'Miss Crocodile' also from Aunty Rachael :) Thankyou!!

A Frog we would loved to have brought home for Granny :)