Monday, July 26, 2010

Miss Peanut Bosma

Yesterday morning mum went to get some pictures of Baby Peanut, I decided that I would like a sister & asked If I could pray & ask God for one, & it looks pretty certain that I will be having a little sister. Here are some pics of peanut after mums longest ever Ultrasound - Miss peanut is a very energetic little lass - somehow jumping up & down, grabbing at the cord & at her leg, doing lots of turns, a lovely big yawn & then proceeding to refuse to move when needed - all kept Mum very entertained!

Lovely little smile

Arms all in working order
a little high five to you all

Legs all in working order too
& all toes counted & accounted for.....all very thorough!
More posts soon of our adventures in Perth.