Friday, May 28, 2010

Jammin' with Dad

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A few recent adventures

We took a trip on a train as I watched Dad catch the train to work and was a little miffed i didnt get to join him, so we went with Grannyto have a yummy japanese lunch - here's me drininking my Ooishi(yummy) Miso soup, then on the train to walk on the harbour bridge.
Waiting patiently for the train...

On the train

Enjoying the view of the harbour
& from a slightly higher vantage point

Fixing my toy train from Aunty Kaci with my tools from Aunty Eva

A visit from my mate Stone

Making Mum Mother's day pancakes

The trendy shoes I appeared wearing one morning....

I was rather keen on wearing them around but found it quite tricky to walk in :)

& lastly My cousin Charlotte visited & likes to sit on my lap whilst chatting on my phone :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little update with some pics to follow soon.

I have been very well behaved while mum hasnt been feeling the best & am happy to read books with her while she lies down, or just potter about . I always say 'Feel better Mum' & give her a kiss when she feels sick & I enjoy giving baby peanut toys, I place them on Mum's belly & giving baby peanut snuggles. I have been asking for baby peanut to be born but mum says it wont be for a long time yet, & unlike My Aunty Nicole's baby girls(due in august) baby peanut won't kick me yet either, despite my regular requests. I was quite adament that baby peanut was a boy & was praying to God for it, but mum & i had a little chat & I think I'm ok with a boy or a girl now. One of my new favorite phrases is 'Come on' which Mum isnt quite sure about although it can be amusing at times- when I make pretend food I offer it to Mum saying 'try it mum....come on' so I sounds like a street vendor trying to ply my wares which makes mum laugh, but we have discovered it is a regularly used phrase in our car when the traffic is not so good, made mum & Dad realise the things they say regularly without thinking - good warning for them to watch their words carefully.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Church Camp

We went to our church 'holiday' this weekend. Mum & Dad heard fabulous talks from Philipians about unity,having passion & Joy in Christ, & putting others needs first. I had a great time playig with all my friends, this is one of my friends Abi, 1 of our minister's daughters, I am a massive fan of both Abi & her sister Sophie!! I rerquested for Mum & i to come and live at their place this week & I woke up this morning & yelled out "More Holiday" So a winner all round!