Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sha Sha's & My Party

Mum made some bunting flags 1 set for me & 1 for Sha Sha...

Thomas.....Mum & Aunty Nicoel may have spent most of Friday baking....Dad was a great help looking after Sha Sha & I....
Yes there was a bit left over......

Baby Michael
Super hero E
Play Doh....
You can see a bunch more at

Friday, April 9, 2010

'Cooter!!!!!! Thanks Aunty Anita, Uncle Tom, Eddie, Seb, Roo & Stella!!!!

Daddy surprised me by playing postie(Yes on his postie :)...) bringing a package from the Jones Family over to Charlotte's house & I am the VERY proud & excited new owner of a 'cooter! I have even asked if it can come to Charlotte's birthday with me. After extensive practise up & down the corridor at Sha sha's I had a great time in the driveway at home.

Dad & I posing with our new transport options...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Honda ct110

Dad is very excited with his new toy, Mum has been keeping secrets and then... What a suprise! good on you mum!! (I really like it too... but why won't they let me have a turn?)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jesus is the Mighty Mighty king! Jesus is the Boss!

Guess who likes Colin?...........I was singing this to myself this afternoon and mummy couldnt resist putting it up on my blog:)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yay for Stella & I'm 2 2Day :)

Big Hugs & Kisses to Cousin Stella Lucy!!!!!! I'm very excited to have a new baby cousin & that her birthday is just 2 days before mine - what an exciting weekend! Stella's birth, easter & my birthday!!!

I had my 2nd birthday 2day - I have been practising holding up 2 fingers when I say '2 years old' -its tricky though!! It was loads of fun!!!! Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes & gifts!

Opening pressies with Dad

A great book from the Killows :)

My new cord pants - with horse on that Mum made me

Enjoying the pressiesSadly Mum didnt get a picture or video of opening Oma & Opa's pressie, I was soooooo excited by the card that Opa had made!! I loved the picture & thought it was Hilarious!

Assembling my Lego from Ray & Cathy

The day in the park with Sharlie, Aunty Nicole, Granny, Mum & Dad

Oops mum didnt turn the photo round...but is too lazy to fix it.....

Getting a ride from Sharlie..

Cake time!!

Checkin out some of my new Thomas toys...

Party Hats with mum

Somewhat exhausted Aunty, Uncle & Granny....

Me & Granny