Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Our trip down to Canberra

The Questacon under 6's rooms - building section...

Moving Bricks...a serious buisness

Then a little Bakery work

With Sha Sha of course

The light harp...
Sharlie, Unlce Nathan & I Dancing up a Storm!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Wee Spot of Culture

We have visited the NSW Art Gallery a couple of times this summer, we happened upon this show which I very much enjoyed, as well as browsing the 'paints'

I also visited with Aunty Kaci to see an Indian paiting exhibition

I also went to Canberra to the Nattional Art Gallery for the Masterpieces of Paris exhibition from Musee D'Orsee with Mum, Dad, Granny, Aunty 'Cole, Uncle Nathan & Sha Sha - they had an awesome room that Mum & I visited with Wooden Fruit to cut, Still lifes to arrange, Stars to cut out...I had a ball!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Summer Fun.

A little video of me enjoying some good music-I'm a big fan of singing, dancing, anything musical - & my neighbour Ray - I'm also a big fan of Ray!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Katching up with Kaci

Ive been hanging out with Mum's friend & my new friend Kaci which has been loads of fun - here is a little trip to a Japanese retaurant we made

She is very patient with me - even when I spent a long time saying no no no at her all the time, now I say Kaci alot which is much nicer all round, but occaisionally I revert to no Kaci or stop Kaci...... we went 2 the art gallery last week & did lots of running around the park & she has ignited a love affair with Mah Jong in me (& my mummy!!!)

& Granny at the restaurant - this is my saying cheese for the camera face):)

Killow Visit

I absolutely LOVED catching up with my Killow cousins & my Uncle Gordon & Aunty Irene!! I was espeically enamoured with Ali, and still ask to see photos of all 3 of my cousins
We went on a walk from the Zoo ferry wharf around the harbour to Balmoral

We had a little coffee break at the cute cafe at Clifton Gardens

We also had a little swing

James helped me out a bit

Us all...

Ali at Balmoral

With Dad & Ali at Circular Quay

Malabar playing in the sand with James & Hannah

Dad & Mum had a Jasmine's VERY tasty lunch with Uncle Gordon & my cousins while I stayed at home with Aunty Irene.

There was a slight beach theme to our adventures in case you didnt pick up on that :) Balmoral, Manly, Malabar....not bad for 1 week :) & I am very much looking forward 2 seeing you all again Killows!! -beach or no beach :)