Thursday, October 29, 2009

Various Arty Activities

My first day I did some lovely drawing on seedpods in the garden we made little people & lizards, they made great shakers too with the seeds inside
Here is Mama & Me working hard in the garden drawing

This is me writing to Oma, Opa and Omi

This is my Very creative addition to my Iggle Piggle book from Eva - I pinched the smiley stickers from the picture Sharlie drew me to bring on holidays.....I thought they made great Iggle Piggle eyes, I was VERY proud of myself for this!!

Here I am writing postcards to Granny & Sha you can see from the pics I like to draw in as many places as possible :)

Here is my V Week Vixen I made I loved gluing & using the glitter glue!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trip Pt 2 - Devil's Marbles - Stone Balls as I like 2 call them

It is amazing how these rocks balance!
This is one of my new friends Dean....I like him alot - he makes me laugh & I often enquire after him- He is helping them stay in place....
Can you spot Daddy & Me? (Thanks Granny for the Camera with zoom!!)

Peek a Boo( or Baboo as I like to say)
Mummy then came & joined us
The daddy & I climbed down again....Can you find me again?Here I am....

Here is another of my new favorite people Eric, again he makes me laugh & plays with me all the time....I cant say his name but as of 2 days ago I announce him as More Ball - as I was sitting on my bike instructing him 2 throw the ball through the basketball hoop for a while the other day....

Pondering the big things in life.....

Back with Mummy enjoying the Stones

Up in the sky I fly: Trip To Tennant Creek Pt 1

U/V Weekend took us to Tennant Creek so I shall do a few pics from our trip up here/while we are here so it is a little more current than usual....

Sharlie, Uncle Nathan & Aunty Nicole came to see us off....It was lovely! I Miss them all very much!Uncle Nathan took me to watch the planes while Mum & Dad bought food & Coffees - Note for Mums & Dads - cantr take your own coffee on the plane, but you can be last on the flight by sitting in the lounge sipping ur coffee til they call you on the plane :)I ( & Mum & Dad!!) was Stoked to get my own seat complete with headphones & buttons - although I insisted inplugging into mums one & her into mine so I controlled her channels/volume - mum was not too fussed as it meant i didnt deafen myself....I spent most of the flight quite happily playing in my seat with my toys & books - My new In the night garden jumping book from Eva was a big Hit - more on that one later.....In ALice Springs we had a ball - big pool which i am very keen to have a go in with Sha Sha& my new favorite toy - clock radios - so many buttons & it plays music i like

My new found climbing skills have come in handy to sit out on the balcony & admire the view of the poolI tried too befriend the Peacock - he didnt seem interested in my jacket though, Dad & I chased it around & got some lovely shots of his Unbelievable feathers thoughI slept all the way to Ti Tree on our road trip 2 out of 5 hrs is not bad I say! then we stopped ofr IceCream so my 1st impressoins of NT road tripping was quite goodNext Stop UFO Capital of Oz - yes there is 1 marked with a caravan park & these lovely things...I loved them! Next Installment will be the end of our road trip - stop 3 The Devils Marbles - would u believe there are giant Stones(one of my favorite words/things) shaped like Balls(another favorite word/thing)....ooh the excitement!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rice Paper Rolls

I had fun making these with Mum & Dad, but was not so excited by eating them...I Really Rather like the Sweet Chilli sauce &..... NooNles as I call them :)

Resting with My main Man Uncle Nathan

Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period (1736-95) 'Seated Bhudda'

Mum Struggled for Q Week activities it was Quite Quiet, but we did find this at the Art Gallery whilst waiting for Dada to have his teaching interview in the city......

We then had a Quick snack before heading home

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

P Week Photos Post Part 2


Photography Portraits - my first attempts with the camera

Passionfruit flower Pottering in the Garden

being Pushed on the swing my Pretty Lisa at the Park

Playing with Pretty Lisa at the Park

P week Photos

Picnic with my Posse - Mum, Dad, Sha Sha & Aunty Nicole

Sha Sha thought it best to stay portable while we ate..... I thought I'd better follow suit....

PoolThis was my favorite Part daddy jumping up & down with me, I also love daddy going under the water & Popping back up I yell 'Down Down" at him.

I keep asking to go back in even when my teeth are chattering.

Pizza Making with Mummy - I spread the sauce & dropped all the ingredients on that Mum had cut up.