Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photos in the Post

I recieved some lovely Photos of 3 of my Brisbane Bosma Cousins, I was particularly enamoured with Leanna's photo & carried around it around giggling & saying 'nana' - my version of Leanna :)

Posting Letters & Picking Produce

A little stroll around town led to posting some letters & Picking/eating some TASTY mulberries...

Oooooooh Bubbles..

Playing in the Park with Sharlie

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Over the Bridge & On the water

Had a great Day Out with Mum, Dad & Granny - we walked Over the Harbour Bridge from Kirribilli then visited the Colombian Ship at Circular Quay & returned via my 1st ferry to Kirribilli....

Somewhat enjoying Granny's Strawberry Heaven Icecream

Opera house

A little Ornithology

Op Shop

My Awesome Dada went op=shopping & found me some excellent Objects - A Trike

Dutch Slippers - in honour of my Omi, Opa & Oma

& A Train Set (minus Trains but plus cars) - In honour of my grandpa Ondre who wanted 2 buy a trainset for his 1stborn but got 2 girls instead....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


What is an Oeuf?
for those non-francophiles out there its an Egg....but that wouldn't fit O week now would it.....

I have come to enjoy my protein this week Oeuf as you can see, Beef, Lamb, chicken chunks have all been a hit....

New sights

We went on a walk around Anzac Bridge, Pyrmont & the Fish markets from Glebe - I would recommend the parts I saw when not Napping again.....Mum & Dad can certainly recommend the rest too


Napping with the 'Near Sheep'

This week I became a little obessesed with 'Where is the Green Sheep?' When I looked asleep Mum tried to remove the book, however, I opened my eyes said "No" and held tight so I continued my Nap book in hand...

Mountains Mission Meeting

Most Appropriately Reachout Missions Conference was at Katoomba in the blue Mountains on M weekend, So Mum & I went along & had an awesoem weekend. Mum was really encouraged remebering God's goodness and I spent my longest ever in Creche with people I didnt know & LOVED it! I even helped pack everything away for them. Mum was very proud.

I thought I would assist Mum with the Motoring home....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mummy's clothes, Measuring My feet,& Monitoring the Mowing

Non Alphabetical Obesessions

Trains & Balls!

Leaf Painting, Lassie & I'm a London Lad!

L week Led to Leaf painting (& stomping on our walks)

Making a Pen for Lassie at Playtime....
& Wearing a Lovely London Apron from Mummy's preschool days......I also have been pobsessed with wearing my England cap since England won the ashes, much to Dad & uncle Nathan's disgust - more pics of that to come....