Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Konstruction of King Elijah's Krown

Mummy also helped me read my bible (a gift from My Killow Cousins, & my absolute favorite book to sit and flick through) about King Jesus.

Keeping house Part 2

Helping with the Kleaning at home, I am rather a big fan of the Vacuum at the moment, & am always ready to help out around the place.

Keeping house

Granny bought an awesome new cubby house for us to play with - Sharlie & I had an awesome time!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Aunty Nicole bought Sharlie an new toy, Sharlie was not told it was her's but took posession of it anyway - being the kind fellow I am I had fun pushing Sharlie around on it, though the favour was not reciprocated when I wanted a go...then again Sharlie has lots of little people to play with most days whereas I do that could play a role in the keener defending of property rights on her behalf.

Monday, August 17, 2009

'Jama Party vids2

J week - Jasmines, 'Jama party

I had lovely Lebanese at Jasmines....mmmmmm & also had my 1st ever pyJama party with Sharlie while Aunty Nicole & Uncle Nathan had a well earned rest of a night in the city for Nathan's 30th, so Mum, Dad, Sharlie & I all slept over at Granny's it was so much fun!

Oh so tasty Jasmines - $12 mixed plate feeds all 3 of us...Yummy! - although I did decide to make a bit of a fuss this day so we didnt stay too long....

Sharlie had a nice sleep on the way to the party....good start all round!We detoured by the fish markets which we had intended to visit in F Week - I got to eat Junk food - a VERY big hot chip.... Poor Sharlie due to Mum & Dad's forgetfulness got 2 have her usual rice crackers...not so exciting as Aunty Nicole's shellfish etc allergy means no hot chips fried in the same oil....:( Sharlie was so well behaved she hardly batted an eyelid though....

Granny read us both some stories which was very fun

We attacked Granny when she tried to rescue the balls that had rolled under all the furniture....
We really like climbing on our seats when they are not attached to the chairs....Mum & Dad are thankful we havent mastered climbing on them whilst attched to the chairs yet!
Bath time is always a Joy!

We enjoyed munching on our dry weetbix for breakfast - this is a new adventure for me...I like to try things that Sharlie does....
All in all a most Joyous occasion, however I may not get to have another jama party again for a was a little hectic for Mum, Dad & Granny :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Greatest Form of Flattery


Intrepid Inklings

Well thats as good a descrition as I could think of for what is really another round of Harbourside Hiking, this time with Granny in tow. It was delightful!They hhave lots of little sculptures in the gardens as you walk around from Luna Park, & I got to take a look at the area where my Grandpa used to live when Granny 1st met him....

Rather enjoying the Bubbler..

Inspecting an Interesting tree....

Doing a spot of Navigation...

Harbourside Aroma Festival

The Aroma Coffee, Chocolate & Spice Festival is held around the Rocks & Mum loved it. Dad & I are not such huge fans although the setting is lovely, but we came along with mum anyway....


Inside play at Babycino cafe with Sharlie

Inside cubby & Trampoline visiting out lovely friends the Birretts :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Non Alphabetical post - Mummy's creativity has left for today

Mummy being creative when we were playing with shadows

Can you see us?

G week Postscript - Gastronomic Genius

I forgot to put this up from G week - I am a little obsessed with cooking at the moment :) Mummy found me doing this after watching Granny cook the night before.

Honey Chicken & Hunky Headgear :)

Harbourside Hiking

Mummy bought Daddy 50 cards with walks around Sydney on them & this was no.1 that we attempted - We caught a bus from Balmoral to the Zoo wharf then walked back around the harbour to Balmoral is was Heartily fun & a gorgeous view - i am a little stuck for 'H' words to describe it - we had a great time! I had a little snooze in the backpack on the way too.
Helpful Harbour Highlights from Daddy

Snooze time
Finish at Balmoral