Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drawing Doves


All this week has been Dinosaur week on play school - Dearest Thanks to the ABC for sponsoring D week :) I also got 2 Hand out with Elissa in her Dino Shoes :)

Drink Bottles

Dancing Yeah!

I Delighted in Dancing to The Simon & Garfunkle Concert DVD at Granny's yesterday...heres a snippet

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

D week Droll DVD

Well just a video of me that makes Mum giggle

Dependence Diminishing

I have Decided that I no longer need to be spoon fed, I have been able to feed myself & others for a while but have refused to spoon feed myself, but yesterday I spoon fed myself my Drink & today my Breakfast cereal

It is also great for getting Dirty!


Dad is 'Da bomb' :)

Dada rang mama tonight - I tried to skype him earlier, I kept pointing at the computer screen saying Dada, but alas his phone was on silent, but he rang Mama back later & let her listen to the Drumming of some Ugandan Christians at an AIM meeting in Tennant Creek - well shes pretty sure that was it, the talking was hard to hear but the Drumming was AWESOME!! Thanks Dada, she loved it!!

Dismal D week

The weather has been Dismal & I have been Diseased - well I have a throat infection :( so have been Doing not a lot - other than visiting the Doctor...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dad's Departure

Devastatingly D week will be without my Dear Dad Dave, he will be nearish to Darwin.....well in Tennant Creek...

Life Skills Taught by Dad

Checking Conditions for Spearfishing - sadly poor so no Speearing all trip for Dad :(

Chasing Critters Pt 3 - Dogs & Cockatoos

I Catch a glimpse ........

& I Charge, usually Chuckling Cheerfully


I can now point out where Clocks are - Courtesy funnily enough from the Book 'Baa for Beginners' from last week.......

Coffee & Childs 'Cino at a Coastal Cafe

Coffee for Mum & Dad & Cinos of the Childs variety for me....Check out the location......

I had a Confoundingly Cold but Completely Classy &Charming time at Avoca beach on the Central Coast.

Custard Apples & Carrying Citrus

Zeke also grows Custard apples & Citrus - we got some Lemons & limes to take home Yum! & I have been experimenting with Carrying things around in boxes, bags & on trays, Im getting really very Clever at it.

Catching up & Chasing Critters Pt 2

I had 3 days up the Coast catching up with my Cute friend, Ezekiel, his Captivating Mum, Kat & Crazy Dad, Luke( He almost Caught on fire lighting the Campfire with My Dad.)

I Chased some more Critters & we had a ball - I also caught up with Harri who slowly becoming more Curvaceous in readiness for a new Cute little friend for me :) very slowly though my Mum was waaaaaaaay Curvier but she does not wish that upon anyone....

Collecting Cirtus & Climbing