Monday, September 2, 2013

some quotes plus...

While driving from O.H. Reid reserve (Lane Cove River) near Grannies place: 
Elijah: "Dad I saw a termite nest"
Dad: "Wow, that's cool"
Evie: "Dad I saw a bucket"

Daddy had a day out with Evie as Mum had some study to do for her diploma in international health, he went to the beach of course! We really have had a lovely winter in Sydney this year (warmest for 150 years apparently).

Evie quote while crying:  
" Daddy... I chewed on my finger"

Dad also got to go out to the Rugby for a present to celebrate Uncle Nathan's birthday!
We were quite a way back, but it was probable for the best in the end... so we didn't have to be to close as Australia were slowly crushed by the All Blacks... 

Elijah is growing in so many ways... first year of school (& doing really well), first soccer season with the Hurlstone Park Wonderers (& probable happy its over for the year) & first donut on a string eating competetion...

Evie quote (derived from mummy):  
"common... time to role Elijah..."

A theme of this winters cooking has been Mummy's pies - mostly of a fishy variety - yummy!
And for any spearfishing fans the latest installment from Dad's dive buddy Gareth mostly from the perspective of the barrel (warning potentially boring content for non fishers)!

Elijah prayed tonight  
"Thank God for food & thank you for Jesus" 
- Amen to that!

Monday, July 15, 2013


A few instagram snaps ive finally gotten off my phone from April and just past holidays :)
Enjo lady

Evie finally becomes her only 'animal vegetable, mineral' game answer'

meeting Hugh Fearnley whittingstall

The Flash

Cornersmith cafe in marrickville, owned by E's mate from school's parents & delightful!


Coloured sand

2 lovlies

another lovely

Enjoying E's bday present from Oma and Opa

Teaching Oma RC Car technique :)

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Family Stroll

Homemade box and Moshi Monster

Making said box

Opa's canoe


More RC car fun


More chores


Highly successful fishing!!


Omi time

Ev conquering Shulbok with a little help from Uncle G!

Baking bread

Meeting Kevin Bacon at a delightful Cafe with a resident Pig, chickens, vegie patch cubby house & more

The backyard at cronulla holiday...not too shabby!!

Channelling our inner inner westie!

A little snapshot long overdue :)